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Dry Shampoo Starterkit

Dry Shampoo Starterkit

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Are you ready for a revolution in your hair routine?

Our REBeLS ON TOP Dry shampoo starter kit is a real one Game changer for all hair types. Regardless of whether you have dark, light, blonde or black hair: Our 100% organic and vegan dry shampoo provides invisible freshness and volume, without any harmful chemicals.

1 x Brush and 2 x Powder refills, 10 grams each.

The starter kit contains a refillable powder brush and two herbal powder refills for months of use. (You heard that right, thanks to the optimal powder ejection of the brush, you can get by with it for months)

Experience the benefits of natural cosmetics from Austria and become part of our mission. With the REBELSONTOP Powderbrush you not only get a product, but lifetime & self-confidence in your pocket - whenever, wherever you want. That is our promise - for you, your body and our planet.

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1 x brush and 2 x powder refills 10 grams each. Powder for 100 x fresh hair. For 100 x volume. Simply feel good for 100 times. Save for 100 x shower water. And for 100 x natural ingredients.

How to use

① Cut open the refill at the marking and ② fill the brush.

③ Then simply get started by spreading the powder over the parting and hairline with a brush. The following applies: the harder you brush, the more powder ends up in your hair.

④ Repeat if necessary - always and everywhere!


Go for dark hair.
① Rye flour ② Corn starch ③ Lava clay ④ Arrowroot starch ⑤ Cocoa powder ⑥ Lavender oil

Secale cereale seed flour*, Zea mays starch*, Moroccan lava clay, Maranta arundinacea root powder*, Theobroma cacao seed powder*, lavandula angustifolia oil*

Go for light hair.
① Rye flour ② Corn starch ③ Lava earth ④ Arrowroot starch ⑤ Lavender oil

Dry cereal seed flour*, Zea mays starch*, Moroccan lava clay*, Maranta arundinacea root powder*, Lavender angustifolia oil*


Perfekt für unterwegs!

Mit den kurzen Borsten verteilt sich das Pulver perfekt im Haar, ohne sich in der Umgebung zu verteilen oder auf die Kleidung zu gelangen.

Verschließen, mitnehmen und jederzeit wieder verwenden.

Kein Kamm, Handtuch oder Föhn nötig!

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